Real Time Incident Communication

ERTS provides real time service updates via our proprietary communications system that sends site updates, photos, reports, and customized communication to your team, that includes: 

  1. Customized Fields 
  2. Text Messages 
  3. Customized Distribution List 

Documentation and Metrics Tracking

Our proprietary ALERTS system will also document all aspects of every service or incidental on your custom home page. This will organize all your services in one data base and allow for custom reports to be generated from the specific data collected from all services. 

  1. All Projects Archived and Accessible from your Homepage 
  2. Customizable Setup with Logins with Limited Access (example Corporate, Region, Facility Specific) 


ERTS provides custom dashboards for your ALERTS system homepage that will visually show real time incident numbers including locations/business units with the most incidents YTD, contractor spend YTD, root causes, waste compliance information, or any other metrics requested.